Changes In Email System

We have been through Scannet for many years, as our supplier of mail hosting. No bad words can be said about them, they have been 100% stable, competent and deliverable in a good service.

Our business domain, we have with another domain provider. The scan had one big limitation, they would not allow sending mail via our domain: unless we moved the domain to them. As a result, we have used a Scanned domain: as our mail domain – not optimal, but we’ll change it now.

Time has grown from Hosted Exchange in its current form and we therefore move into the cloud to Microsoft Office 365. This also allows us to service our customers better through dedicated Sharepoint sites.

In connection with our reorganization, we may see outcomes on our mail.

If you have sent an email to us but have not received a refund, please either contact us at tel. 7027 8081 or resend your mail when we announce that the move is complete.

We recommend that you use our virginity domain: to contact us. Ie send email to and not:

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize. Genes our reorganization may cause.

Improved e-communication

In order to give our customers even better service, we have chosen to introduce a number of improvements on our electronic communication channel:

Direct access to chat from all of our pages (via button in the lower right corner).
All mails sent to us will be handled by our helpdesk system.
Messages via our contact form are now also sent to the helpdesk system.
The helpdesk system we use is the familiar Zendesk with integration to Zopim (chat).
Therefore, as a customer, you may experience receiving mail from:

You can easily send mail to this address, which is basically the same as

25 Years In Business

This year it is 25 years since we established the company.

The first couple of years were, as in all start-up companies, quiet, but then it has accelerated. We have tried ourselves within different business areas and in recent years it has been very fast. We can thank all our good customers for this, as well as all of you. Once upon a time, we recommend new customers!

To mark our anniversary we keep open houses for customers, business partners, friends of the house and family.

d. August 14th. pm. 13-18.
We have endeavored to send invitations to a lot of people – but there are also some of you that we just can not find email addresses. Then you would like to drop by drop us an email at and we will send you an “official” invitation.

It may also be that you have already received an invitation … but that it is only stored in your unsolicited mailbox folder. spam 🙂

We look forward to seeing you!

Henrik & Henriettte Brinch

Website Updated

As you may have discovered, we have thoroughly updated our site. Our “old” site from 2013 began to matter and content hard to find. So we’ve tried to simplify the content and make the design more responsive, but also to open up more functional options including e-learning.

As we are always busy servicing our customers, our site is unfortunately in the last place. Therefore, the construction is still underway, so beware of us – if everything does not even look tip-top … for example, we have not reached the English version endduely.


We get a lot of exciting requests. In order to provide our customers with the best support, we have now introduced voice response on our main number: 7027 8081.

We recommend using the main number rather than direct mobile numbers – then, if necessary. Messages can only be entered via the main number.

However, imports will only come into force approx. 1-3 September.

If you have any problems contacting us – send us an email at

We Now Use Office 365

Our conversion to Office 365 is now complete and mail reception should now run as normal.

Important: Sending mail to us must be sent to email addresses that end at: @
Our former mail domain (3gmini) is under construction – for a transition period, we will still receive mail on this domain.

Composite Registered Solution Provider

As a developer of CMS solutions, with Composite C1 CMS as favorites – we are of course:

We offer, among other things:

Development of complete site
Search Functionality
Integration to backend systems
Web services
Specific development of Razor functionality
Integration of MVC functionality