25 Years In Business

This year it is 25 years since we established the company.

The first couple of years were, as in all start-up companies, quiet, but then it has accelerated. We have tried ourselves within different business areas and in recent years it has been very fast. We can thank all our good customers for this, as well as all of you. Once upon a time, we recommend new customers!

To mark our anniversary we keep open houses for customers, business partners, friends of the house and family.

d. August 14th. pm. 13-18.
We have endeavored to send invitations to a lot of people – but there are also some of you that we just can not find email addresses. Then you would like to drop by drop us an email at info@trigemini.dk and we will send you an “official” invitation.

It may also be that you have already received an invitation … but that it is only stored in your unsolicited mailbox folder. spam 🙂

We look forward to seeing you!

Henrik & Henriettte Brinch

Composite Registered Solution Provider

As a developer of CMS solutions, with Composite C1 CMS as favorites – we are of course:

We offer, among other things:

Development of complete site
Search Functionality
Integration to backend systems
Web services
Specific development of Razor functionality
Integration of MVC functionality