Changes In Email System

We have been through Scannet for many years, as our supplier of mail hosting. No bad words can be said about them, they have been 100% stable, competent and deliverable in a good service.

Our business domain, we have with another domain provider. The scan had one big limitation, they would not allow sending mail via our domain: unless we moved the domain to them. As a result, we have used a Scanned domain: as our mail domain – not optimal, but we’ll change it now.

Time has grown from Hosted Exchange in its current form and we therefore move into the cloud to Microsoft Office 365. This also allows us to service our customers better through dedicated Sharepoint sites.

In connection with our reorganization, we may see outcomes on our mail.

If you have sent an email to us but have not received a refund, please either contact us at tel. 7027 8081 or resend your mail when we announce that the move is complete.

We recommend that you use our virginity domain: to contact us. Ie send email to and not:

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize. Genes our reorganization may cause.