As a starting point, all tasks are solved within our company (through affiliated consultants). Our customers are typically Danish companies that need absolute expertise right now and here. We also have an attitude towards the use of nearshoring / offshoring, which is basically guided by our customers’ needs.

Our customers must be able to count on

Who they have to do
That information is not forwarded to a third party unknown to the customer
Being able to communicate (in native language) quickly without delays
That information is treated confidentially
This falls for most projects, not in line with outsourcing to foreign companies. In addition, our customers typically already use nearshoring / offshoring to a greater or lesser extent, where we do not immediately want to be an intermediary.

We are not against the principle. It may in many cases be a necessity (temporal and / or economical), but as with everything else: it should be used with care and in thoughtful situations.

We also use outsourcing, though, to a limited extent. Developmentally, typically on internal projects eg. Where the architecture is in place, sub-tasks are small and well-defined. In these (though rare) cases we collect fixed-price offers for the relevant tasks.

TriGemini has development skills, we do not have design or graphic competencies – thus an area where we simply have to outsource the tasks. It may be to others from Denmark or partners abroad.

We receive 4-5 new requests daily from foreign offshore companies wishing to sell their services. The answer is the same to everyone: an immediate rejection (see above).